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Cy Pace Memorial

The Cy Pace Memorial will be held on Sunday January 10th at Original Mike's in Santa Ana. NEW arrival time in 1pm. John Wilkinson is going to get up and say a few words around 1:30pm and Savage City will be performing from 2pm - 2:30pm. Afterwards we encourage everyone who would like to get up and share their thoughts on Cy to do so before the Jam Session starts. Cy had a lot of musician friends and we would like everyone to get a chance to come up and play a song or two, so please let me or John know that your are able to participate. We do only have until 5:45pm to honor our friend with music and the last song we would like to have ALL Musicians come up and play!!! Cy always like to have as many people as possible on stage !!!
Thank you everyone and we will see you on Jan 10th !!!

Original Mike's
100 Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701

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July 18, Riverside
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